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Mar 24, 2013 12:40am EDT
responsibility. garvey said -- as marcus said, what humans have done, humans can dol . errors and custodians of a great legacy -- we are heirs and custodians of a great legacy. mullahr to practice the -- the morality of his image. there are two things we should always care about -- never to forget where we came from and always praising the bridges that carry us over. the most ancient of human history is, there are three defining periods which offer lessons. there are other periods of similar destructive as but their inescapable -- there are other times but similar they are inescapable. of african history of introduces some of the basic principles of human knowledge. we built pyramids and temples of unsurpassed duty -- unsurpassed beauty. the declarations of virtue and medical texts. thealso present the world mother and father of medicine, imhotep. calendar.y the greatest legacy is our ethical legacy. the earliest concept of humans as possessors of dignity. it is the basis for our claims to human-rights. that and harris as defined by three basic characteristics -- that is the five by three ba
Mar 25, 2013 1:50am EDT
. marcus unterberg was one year old. the world was a different place and we can all agree on that. governing the internet is like having a national highway policy drafted in the 19th century. the is the first of hearings that the subcommittee will have, and we will explore the needs of government, to access the contents of stohr electronic communications and the level of judicial review required to obtain them. this was a necessary response to the rapid development of wireless communication services and electronic communications in the digital era. at that time, electronic mail was -- pagers were in their infancy. to voicebeen limited communications and addressed an area of communications for which there is a fourth amendment right to privacy. extending the wiretap provisions for wireless voice communications and electronic communications such as e-mail and other computer transmissions. this established a framework for law enforcement for the law enforcement -- and the evolution of the digital age gives us capabilities that have created convenience for society and efficiency for c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2